1. You may not use any hypnosis triggers within public chat, no exception. Private chat is okay with consent from all parties.

2. Be respectful and courteous of ponies around you and their opinions.

3. If the chat is conversing about something that bothers you, politely ask for a change of subject, notify one of the staff members, or take a short leave from that room until the discussion has passed. There are extra rooms available for topics of a different nature. 

4. Safe for work roleplay is allowed, but be careful to prevent bothering other ponies, stop the roleplay if it does begin to bother other ponies, and do not prevent any other discussion from going on during roleplay. - Be aware that physical imposition via the means of directed roleplay actions is a thing in hypnosis servers, and that some may feel actions preformed toward them. If in doubt, be sure someone is comfortable first and respect requests not to touch. - A safe rule of thumb - If you wouldn't do it in person don't do it in text.

5. Hypnosis may not be performed in general public text or voice rooms for any reason. The "Hypnosis sessions" voice room is aside for this purpose. If you desire to have or host a voice session in the room, request audio permissions from a staff member. Permissions are given at the staff's discretion.

5a. Subjects and hypnotists entering and preforming in the hypnosis channels do so under mutual consent and are aware of the trances being given and accept full responsibility for the content of the trance. If you believe you are unsure about the safety of a trance, Do not attempt it.

5b. Trances in the "Hypnosis Sessions" voice room may contain content not previously released on the forums. Any user found attempting deliberately dangerous or abusive hypnosis users will have their permissions revoked and further action may be taken by staff if necessary.

6. The administrative staff of Hypnoponies have the final say. Please respect the decisions that they make.

6a. We reserve the right to kick, ban, and/or permaban anypony from the chat or the entire site for any justifiable reason.

6b. We also reserve the right to adjust the rules at any given time for any reason. In the event we do, there will be a public announcement both in the chat and on the forums.

6c. If you feel like an a staff member has wrongly punished you, please contact admin@hypnoponies.org with the punishment given, who gave it, and your side of the story.

The normal chain of rule violation is as follows:First time: Warning via private message
Second time: Public warning
Third time: Kick, with possible amount of leave time
After the third time: Chat ban and/or removal of chat privilege, possible account and/or IP ban if severe
Different punishments may be administered if necessary.
By entering the chat area, you agree to follow these rules. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use the chat.