03 - Rarity Journal - May 2 to June 4, 2019 - Experiences Thus Far

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03 - Rarity Journal - May 2 to June 4, 2019 - Experiences Thus Far

Post by codenameRarity » Mon Jul 22, 2019 3:56 pm

Now, to try to backtrack and figure out what happened specifically on a daily basis several days after the fact is most tedious and I don't feel provided for an interesting entry. Thus, here is a summary of my week.

The urge to clean and keep things tidy. On my best days when I'm not off in a hurry I want to make sure the house looks neat. But considering the current state of it as well as breaking old habits, this may take a little while to complete. I hope at least tackling the little things for now one by one eventually will get me motivated enough I'm the coming weeks to just take the whole day and spruce things up.

Drawing and creativity. I would not necessarily consider myself a huge artist; in fact I would much rather have a role in game programming and design. However, in this profession it is a wise idea to at least understand the base concepts go help convey your ideas to other team members as well as understand how things will interact once you do work with one. In any event, normally I would stick to the very basics such as stick figure drawings and bare-bones fundamental art, only enough to get the message across. However, I've been exploring other tools in my arsenal and have come up with some pretty impressive results that I've actually received nice complements. I still feel so far out of practice, bit it's certainly nice to explore a little more in the arts, perhaps this would in turn allow my personal projects to have a bit more of a spit-shine rather than a trashy looking project.

Punctuality. I've been slightly more impatient when it comes to being on time. Not everyone around me likes to be precisely on time, but where in the past I would have just let it go for that time being, I would now push to make those plans. I'm a little particular where I need to know and understand what is happening otherwise I start to get into a minor panic, so when that schedule is thrown off, it's a matter of making sure everything else will still suffice or can be arranged another time.

Attire. Oh dear, why did past me rely in the past on t shirts and jeans and live by that? I mean, you can only go so far and those designs are not always going to stuck around, figuratively and physically as the designs fade away each washing. I've been thinking about donating lightly used clothing to family or clothing shelters and maybe even modifying some of my favorite t-shirts to create a better and more appealing fit. But alas, that will have to be some other time so I will have stick with what I got.

Voice. As I touched on briefly last entry, my mannerisms seem to have changed, as others in my life have been able to point out...sometimes a bit too obvious. I understand this might be a bit jarring to some, so I've been trying to find a healthy middle ground as to not make the changes so sudden for them. A couple know exactly what's going on and have been super supportive of me, which is lovely and I cannot thank them enough. Of course, when I'm here in the community, my Rari-speak is definitely prevalent and it's wonderful to be able to express myself in this way here ❤

Oh my, another longer entry. I hope this covers most things. When I gather a few more thoughts I shall have another entry ready for you all to enjoy. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope it's informative.

気を付けて (Take care!)
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