04 - Rarity Journal - July 1, 2019 - ...Goodness me it's been over a MONTH?!

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04 - Rarity Journal - July 1, 2019 - ...Goodness me it's been over a MONTH?!

Post by codenameRarity » Mon Jul 22, 2019 3:58 pm

Oh my, I didn't mean for it to be this long between entries. I've been mostly occupied with work and life stuff I haven't had as much free-time as I would have liked. But alas, I am here and I have loads to talk about!

So, I did go on a short vacation to a pony convention. I had lots of fun and I enjoyed my time there. I wasn't triggered during the whole trip, but I did pay extra attention to Rarity merchandise. Also there was someone who brought a whole Rarity car, that's right, CAR to the convention! It was very interesting. I do plan to show up to the final BronyCon, maybe I'll try staying triggered this time and compare.

As far as hygiene goes, I've been starting to pay much closer attention to it. It's not perfect, but it's certainly better than before. My nails have actually been growing out and I have been actively trying to take care of them instead of biting them off. I'm actually a little proud of myself for how far I've come, but I still have a little ways to go.

Personality effects, the most obvious change I can notice myself is how I talk triggered vs not. Without, I have a more of a "I don't exactly care" kind of style which is fine for personal conversations, but tends to get me too anxious for regular conversations. When triggered, I attempt to present myself a bit more proper, think about how to articulate my sentences, and my voice even come out softer than usual. It's actually very comforting. Lately though, I've fall back slightly when talking with close friends who have known me since forever; there are still aspects of my old self that I don't exactly want to shove away completely.

Clothing.....still need to save up a little and get myself proper outfits. Don't get me wrong, T-shirts and leggings are nice and convenient, but I do wish I have a much more extensive wardrobe. I do recall being slightly jealous of my sisters growing up since they could mix and match things all day long and have pretty unique looks. Maybe sometime I'll head to a clothing shop once I have better income and remedy that.

I do have more, though I'll save that for another entry since this is already starting to go a little longer than anticipated. Hopefully I'll be more on top of things now that my life is on the up and up. For now, I hope you have enjoyed!

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