Entry #0 - Official Introduction!

A simple-styled journal dedicated to my journey into becoming Willow,
my own original character.
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Entry #0 - Official Introduction!

Post by knasher088 » Thu Sep 26, 2019 10:04 pm

September 22nd, 2019

To begin, the name given to me by birth is Kristin, but here you can just call me Willow! I’m 16 years of age so I’m still in school enrollment. Due to school, some of my updates may come at a slower and uneven pace. However, I’m aiming to at least write some effects I got for each day I listen to a file. While this isn’t related to hypnosis, my future career will involve biology, storyboard creation for animation purposes, or just settle down in an apartment with a couple of cats while working at a paraphernalia shop. Whichever comes first.
Now, onto the actual good stuff. My experience with hypnosis hasn’t lasted for a long period of time, unlike others who may be on this site. In fact, I found out that hypnosis isn't just a fake trick by magicians through various MLP hypnosis files on Youtube, when I was around 14 or so. With this is mind, I suppose I could be considered a baby to all of this.
Though, instead of actual characters from the show, I’m using my own original character, Whisping Willow, for this instead. I just feel a larger connection with her than I do with any ponies from the show, at least on a deeper level. I won’t go on for too much longer, but I’m glad to have joined this community when I did. The only thing I wish is that I was a bit older and knew what Hypnoponies were back in 2011-2014, when this community was most likely thriving. But I’m glad I found this when I did instead of never finding it at all.
Many hopes for the future,

^ I don't really have any digital references for Willow, but here's a simplistic version of her in Ponytown!

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