Entry #1 - The First Day of Something New

A simple-styled journal dedicated to my journey into becoming Willow,
my own original character.
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Entry #1 - The First Day of Something New

Post by knasher088 » Thu Sep 26, 2019 10:06 pm

September 22nd, 2019

Same day as my introduction post, so after writing this my hands...hooves? Might be sore. Ah well, it’s the price to pay for journalism. Anyways, not much has happened today, as to be expected. I’d say I'm a pretty good visualizer, so despite it being my first actual listen (I listened to one of my files yesterday to see if it would be good. Spoilers, it was!) I could feel a bunch of tingles today, mainly associating with my ears, lower legs, and arms.
Another thing that was good was that there were some moments sprinkled throughout the day that it felt like I had paws instead of my hands, which my character has. It only lasted a few seconds, unfortunately, but I still consider it progress!
While I don't quite consider this an effect for today, yesterday when I was testing out my main file my left arm hurt a lot. I’m not exaggerating here either; it felt like it was broken badly at my elbow. I feel better after a good night’s sleep, thank Celestia, and I believe this may be a sign that my body is starting to feel more pony-ish. Here’s to hoping I’ll see some physical changes soon!
Before I leave for the day, don’t worry. I’m going to take care of myself too, and I’m not going to acknowledge every pain I have as a result and not help it. After all, if I feel like I’m growing wings and my back hurts badly, of course I’m going to get some pain relievers and settle down for it. But just take care of yourselves, and don’t neglect yourself in favor of results! Safety first.

Files Used:
{Alicorn Mare Transformation Hypnosis (with Imposition)} by GearHeart
{Alicorn Rapid Pony Body Reinforcement} by GearHeart
{Interactive Generic Pony Personality Augmentation} by the HypnoPonies Community

Sincerest Regards,

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