Rules to the proper utilization of mindhacks

The Laws of the land. (Rules and regulations to be followed to have fun and be safe here and on the Hypnopony network!)
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Rules to the proper utilization of mindhacks

Post by Kazilii » Mon Jul 22, 2019 4:36 pm


1. One shall not consider long-term hypnosis or the creation of tulpae without having at least 6 hours of sleep in the past 18 hours.
R: Brain power is refreshed by sleep, especially in regards to decision making skills. If you are considering major changes, doing so without sleep can easily lead to poor decisions. GET SOME REST AND COME BACK REFRESHED.

2. One shall set a clear goal for themselves in hypnosis, and strive to carefully select a file based on that goal, preferably with the help of others. If one wants physical changes alone, edit out or get help to edit it out the personality bits, and vice versa.
R: Hesitation in the use of the "full" (Personality + Body) files can easily lead to dire ramifications, up to and including the creation of tulpae spontaneously.

3. One shall consider the effects of each file or script before using it.
R: These files are made with specific effects, triggers, and in most cases, implant an urge to continue. You need to be clear on this, because it *will* affect your later decisions in regard to hypnosis and thus you *need* to make your original decision worthwhile.

4. One shall make attempt to understand the process of doing hypnosis or making a tulpa adequately before beginning, and shall attempt to seek guidance where needed.
R: We've all had bad spots in regards to the processes, and honestly a lot of them could have been avoided if we didn't let excitement, nervousness or fear get the better of us. Learning will ease the process.

5. You will own up to your actions and mistakes. The choices you make are yours, and no one will force them on you. If you choose to act foolishly, accept your lot and push forward with it, there is no going back. We will help you every damn step of the way that you let us, but this is ultimately on you.
R: You have been warned.

Finally, by doing hypnosis, tulpa, or any other mind altering practice, you are firmly taking responsibility for your actions as an adult. Yes, this means that you confirm that you are a legal adult by doing this, and waive the liability of the community for the mistakes you may make.
- Kazilii
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