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The Laws of the land. (Rules and regulations to be followed to have fun and be safe here and on the Hypnopony network!)
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File Usage Guidelines

Post by Kazilii » Mon Jul 22, 2019 4:34 pm


The contents of these files can and have been known to cause IRREVERSIBLE mental effects and should only be used if you are over the age of 17 and are 100% SURE that you want to be hypnotized into being a pony. THIS IS NOT A TOY OR A GAME. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Please take time to consider what you are about to do before participating in Pony Hypnosis. Every person is different and may react to hypnosis differently. Therefore we cannot guarantee any effects to take place or not take place when choosing to partake in Pony Hypnosis.

Side effects may include but are not limited to any unexpected or undesired effect such as:

• Turning into a pony.
• Turning into the opposite gender
• Taking on characteristics both physically and mentally of a different being.
• The effects normally attributed to hypnosis, such as over-suggestibility, headaches and drowsiness.
• Other unintended problems, such as social stigma, disappointment in human life as whole and negative personal discoveries about yourself.

These effects may be, depending on the person, long lasting if not permanent. Taking the time to think and considering your options should be done before starting any sessions, as your ability to make a decision will be diminished by the use of the files.

Hypnosis is a mind altering technique that can come with serious consequences. Like any other mind altering technique, please refrain from any use when your full attention is required, such as while driving or operating heavy machinery.

Hypnoponies nor any other parties in association with Pony Hypnosis accept no liabilities in any way caused by use or misuse of said content. Or any other negative influence caused by files, scripts or any other material created by the team or outside creators both in the past, present and future.
We are not capable of helping those in pains or with troubled life. We are not a professional help centre nor have the expertise or skills to deal with every issue. We are willing to lend a hearing ear or offer advice but take into account we are no substitute for professional help nor can we work miracles.

We offer no way out of humanity. Nor reject it. The goal of this project is self improvement. Not escapism.
Pony or not. You still hold responsibilities towards this world and your place in it.

When in doubt, or have questions, contact a staff member, other well trusted members or post your questions and issues in the generic Q&A Area.. We will try to answer your question to the best of their knowledge possible. You may also use the #Help-and-support channel in the Discord Server.

This disclaimer is multi-purpose. It serves to ensure that you (the user of such files) are thoroughly informed of the risks and that you realize that you could be (and we cannot stress this enough) permanently altering your mind set and perspective of reality. We are not responsible for your actions. We provide these free of charge files so that responsible persons can enjoy them. We are not forcing you to do this. You have done it of your own choice and are therefore the responsible party.

Other important need to know things:

The file section only becomes available after your account on has been approved by an admin. This is only in place to force you to take the time to read up on the various material present on the site. Think things over. Pick your desired path and avoid impulse use. If validation takes too long, feel free however to inform the community in the Discord.

Avoid the use of multiple characters at once. Not only does the use of one character disrupt the effects of the others. We have found that it also leads to Headaches, Depression. Nausea, Identity crises and other negative side-effects grouped under E.K.P. (Existential/Emotional Kernel Panic.)

Take the time and think your decision over. Picking the right pony to use offers the best start and chances of positive long lasting changes. Ensure that every part or angle of this pony's body and personality fits with yourself or any goal you may set for pony hypnosis, or with the choices you have made in life already. (E.G. a person driving around fragile picking Rainbow Dash or a butcher or prison guard picking Fluttershy etc.)

Respect the paths others choose. And try to refrain from steering others into a path for your own gain. We take personal development seriously and frown heavily on character recruitment.

Scripts of the already existing files are currently kept private for safety reasons. However if a need arises to look through them the author can be contacted to look into them for you or share scripts or parts of scripts with you if needed.

When thinking about writing new scripts. Always consult with the staff first and have the scripts checked out before recording. This is both to ensure the next file is safe and as good as it can be and to offer any assistance we can provide. To safe time on both sides, please do this before recording.

Currently Hypnoponies officially consists out of the forum located at and Discord Server located at the location specified on the homepage on the forum. The contents of other sites are beyond our control, cannot be verified and therefore should be handled with due care.

Before using any files, you will make sure to read and understand the file usage guidelines outlined in these terms of service. Furthermore, by choosing to partake in this community or any file on this site. You agree to have read and abide the rules as provided for the Discord server. And for the community as a whole as provided in the Code of Conduct . The staff reserves the right to take any action, such as editing journals to banning members it deems necessary to protect the safety and well-being of others. Though extreme measures will always be limited to extreme circumstances.

Problematic posts on the forum can be reported by using the report option underneath each post.
But you can also send a message to one of the staff members. Which will try to handle the issue in a discrete manner as best to their capabilities. If you feel the need to contact them anonymous or for non forum related issues. It is also possible to use the following email address.

Always make sure to send logs, screen shots and as much information as possible when filing a complaint. And refrain from attacking, lashing out in public in return. As it could make it impossible on our side to resolve the issue.

This document is subject to change as new situations develop by the staff. Keep an eye open for announcements or other updates that may occur in the unforeseeable future. Ignorance of well announced changes is no excuse.
- Kazilii
Enjoyer of nerdy things.

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