This community is back? OwO

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Title: Wanna be tyrant uwu

This community is back? OwO

Post by SovereignWill » Mon Mar 02, 2020 8:49 am

Hi there everypony! I'm honestly surprised to see that hypnoponies is back, the dedication that all of you have towards this community is absolutely amazing.

I remember first joining about 4 years ago. I was a lurker and never really interacted with anyone however I distinctly remember finding a lot of enjoyment in reading many of the inspiring journals and stories that many individuals wrote. It always fascinated me on how much life there was within such a secluded community and I thought that it was a shame that it shut down. It feels weird to see this community again after all the years that had passed but I see this as an opportunity to get myself involved and hopefully meet interesting ponies here.

But yeah, Chrysalis is my favorite character. My first episode ever of Mlp was actually the invasion of Canterlot and I immediately fell in love with her character as well as the design of the changelings themselves. (Though, I'm not quite fond of the direction that the writers took in the later seasons. I think that the finale was amazing). I'm interested in pony hypnosis but it is mainly for the sake of relaxation. All in all, I'm just a university student that hopes to connect to a community that I once lurked in. All of this is a bit out of place but I hope that whoever is reading this will have a good day.

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